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How to make your home you!

The way you decorate your home
defines who you are as a person


Did you just move into a new apartment? Do you want to remodel an existing room in your house? Our Co founder Pranav will lay out a few tips on how make the experience as seamless as possible.

The first step is to determine how large the project is. Will you be getting the flooring changed? Would you like to create a false ceiling? Do you need to get the electricals reworked? Or do you just want to change your furniture and accessories in your room.

If you answered yes to any of the first three questions, my advice would be to hire a good architect and a turnkey contractor. But even with the services of a an architect it is important to first determine what you want.

A couple of steps to help make the process as seamless as possible.

1) Create a vision board – A vision board should be created physically, yes no powerpoints, no word documents. Good old fashioned thoughts to paper. Printing pictures and sticking it to a board allows you to imagine how your space will come to life.
2) Determine your aesthetic – It is important to determine the look you want, are you going for a kitschy bohemian look? Do you want a modern straight lined vibe or do you just want it to be classic and contemporary. Determining the aesthetic that you want will help make the other decisions faster. Once you select a look, take print our and stick it on your vision board
3) Color scheme – Take a box of crayons or some paint or just some pantone chips. Put together the colors you would like your new room in.
4) Share your vision board with friends and family for feedback.
5) If you have an architect on board, share your vision board with them. Use their services to suggest improvements and changes.
6) Ask your architect for a 3d render
7) Source vendors – Vendor selection is the most important point in a home improvement project. A wrong vendor, will delay your project, require constant follow up and worst of all not deliver on time. This is especially true for bespoke items such as furniture. In the case of accessories, it is easy to find brands, based on the aesthetic you have chose for your room.
8) Project management – Put all key dates and deliverables on your board
9) Put it all together and Enjoy your new room.

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About House This

About House This

At House This we begin any creative process with an insightful understanding of your persona, taste and preferences. Elegant, bold, fun, inventive-which one, are you? We're only asking because your designs are as varied as the people who we cater to. Weather you are somebody with redefined sensiblities or have a tendency to be unconventional, House This has a product for you. A product perfectly suited for today's customer who stays true to his/her to to combines it with a modern contemporary style.

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Stories of Delight

Divya Sharma

"I have always loved and admired Frida Kahlo and her work. So when I saw these cushions from House This it was a no brainer. I could not believe a brand had so beautifully used her story to create such nice products. These cushions are such powerful elements and they add a lot of drama to my room. Absolutely love them."

Divya Sharma
Sugandha Pareek

"I had just moved from my home Town and was setting up my new house. This bedcover from House This really helped me to brighten my space and my small room has come alive with colour. What I am especially happy with Is the texture and softness of the cotton bedcover. Very nice!"

Sugandha Pareek
Rajat Barwal

"Such a great buy! I chose this curtain from House This because I am very fond of bike and road trips. The prints are really cool and the colour is refreshing. I have always been an explorer and every time I see this curtain in the morning it inspires me a lot."

Rajat Barwal

Your home is your personal canvas and the way you decorate it defines who you are as a person. House This believes that your homes are an extension of your personality and a canvas for you to express yourself. Our products are all about making you re-discover your childhood, a long- forgotten memory, or finding something new about yourselves. When you buy a House This product you do not take home a curtain, a cushion or a bed sheet but a piece of yourself expressed through art, a story or a moment that you have experienced.
We’re here to create a canvas for the beautiful world out there that we seem to have forgotten in the complexities of daily life. Each theme is vibrant and designed to stimulate your senses and take your imagination on a journey to discover forgotten wonders. We encourage you to take home not just a beautiful motif on a sheet but a small, unnoticed part of this wonderful world we live in.