Upcycled products for sustainable living

In a story of boho meets beauty meets sustainable—our collection ‘Shilp’ lovingly breathes new life into unused material with joyous abandon.

Introducing ‘Shilp’, a collection that celebrates the timeliness tradition and the hidden genius of artisans across India. Since ancient times, India has been a treasure trove of the arts and crafts.This heritage has passed on generation to generation through stories, legends and innate knowledge.

Much of this today lies hidden and unexplored. Our collection ‘Shilp’, is an effort to translate our beautiful traditions into products that are modern yet rooted in approach.Through this collection, HouseThis celebrates the stories of the maker,material and craft to create not just products but capture a piece of history for our homes.

Our black and beige story is an ode to Indian craftsmanship and artistry of weaving. A range of cushions and wall arts come alive in subtle neutral tones, perfect for any setting. A perfect example of boho meeting beautiful and craft meeting conscience. Our blue and grey story is a celebration of conscious and sustainable living. Made with excess leftover fabric, each product is created with repurposed material to create wonders from waste.

Cushions and wall arts come alive with trims and details crafted and handmade with love.

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