Earthy yet functional storage

Choosing functional storage for everyday living

Typically relegated to cupboards and insides of closets, storage ware is a set of home décor items that can be used imaginatively to create visual impact as well as functionality. House This offers a range of distinctively designed and beautifully handcrafted woven baskets online that can be displayed with pride, even as they offer a high degree of utility. Baskets are hard-working, multitaskers that make not only a very practical storage choice, but they are decorative and can imediately add warmth and texture to any living space.  The options are many‑handled, woven, lined, coloured, lidded – there’s no doubt you’ll find a decorative as well as useful option when it comes to buying baskets online.

Bring your Baskets out of the Closet!

Storage ware becomes aesthetic when it’s designed with care to form and function. We pride ourselves on having baskets that serve as storage ware— impressive not only from a design point of view but also from a functional perspective. Shopping for storage ware and baskets online is now made easier with a select collection of baskets from House This. 

Choosing Baskets for a variety of purposes

1. Look at their Size

Choose sizes that are multi-purpose and elegant to display. Shapes are also a way of showcasing elegance. Several baskets and trays tucked away discreetly in nooks and on shelves can make for more effective store.

2. Focus on the Material

Storage baskets are today available in an array of handcrafted options that stand out in their construction and visual appeal. Natural materials add charm, style and sophistication to any living space and elevate its aesthetic appeal.

3. Check the Design

Baskets that feature designs and colours derived from natural materials are easy to mix and match with various colour palettes and are highly recommended. Further, they add textures that are harmonious and soothing making them extremely aspirational.

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