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Aah! The joy of unwrapping a coloring box gifted by Mummy or Papa. The freshly sharpened pencils, all arranged from dark to light, pastel to bright. The Color Box range from House This is here to keep your vivid childhood memory alive. Choose from our range of solid Colorbox sheets to paint the canvas that is your room!

The ColourBox Story

  • So you liked this Dusk Blue? Good choice!

    When the sky may change colour,
    and the world turns dark,
    When lamps are ablaze
    And dusk a faint glimmer
    Capture that shimmer
    With our Dusk Blue!
    Sleep-in with your favorite!

  • So you liked this lilac purple? Good choice!

    Stimulate your imagination,
    Augment your compassion.
    Powerful and spiritual
    Gentle and free,
    A quiet dignity, that is

  • So you liked this latte beige? Good choice!

    A shade of coffee,
    Little less burnt
    For the simple minded yet chic
    We bring to you the Colourbox Latte -
    Bold and never meek!

  • So you liked this cheese yellow? Good choice!

    A state of mind
    A state hard to find
    In bits and pieces we amass
    What life blows threw its brass;
    Happiness is a mutant
    But in Yellow it is constant!

  • So you liked this Melon orange? Good choice!

    A reminder of Spain?
    Maybe Mexico or Brisbane!
    For the traveler
    Who is never blue –
    A dusty Orange is how we define you!

  • So you liked this Moss green? Good choice!

    Not because you envy
    But you have harmony.
    You call on nature,
    With a fervour to nurture;
    A sapling so keen
    You must love green!

  • So you liked this Atoll blue? Good choice!

    She came down from up above
    At times she swelled up from down below
    She was calm and warm
    Salty and fresh
    Stormy with a side of thunder -
    She was blue we said.

  • So you liked this Aurora red? Good choice!

    Take home the southern lights
    Take home your aurora
    Take home this red
    This immaculate expression
    For a lucid bed!

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Your home is your personal canvas and the way you decorate it defines who you are as a person. House This believes that your homes are an extension of your personality and a canvas for you to express yourself. Our products are all about making you re-discover your childhood, a long- forgotten memory, or finding something new about yourselves. When you buy a House This product you do not take home a curtain, a cushion or a bed sheet but a piece of yourself expressed through art, a story or a moment that you have experienced.
We’re here to create a canvas for the beautiful world out there that we seem to have forgotten in the complexities of daily life. Each theme is vibrant and designed to stimulate your senses and take your imagination on a journey to discover forgotten wonders. We encourage you to take home not just a beautiful motif on a sheet but a small, unnoticed part of this wonderful world we live in.