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Creating a special place to sleep in for your precious bundle of joy can be a very satisfying task. Crib bedding not only decides the look and style of your nursery, it is also critical in ensuring the safety and comfort of your infant. Right from day one, go in for themed crib bedding sets that include bedsheets, quilts, bolsters, covers, cushion covers, bumpers and baby crib blankets to create a look that’s consistent and stylish. House This offers an entire collection of extremely lovingly curated styles that tell stories and help stimulate your baby’s imagination.
Choosing Crib bedding
Babies sleep a lot—18 hours a day. Naturally, you want their bedding to be comfortable and sustaining. Since babies’ skin is ultra sensitive, you need to pay extra attention when choosing items for them to wear or to sleep in. A basic rule is to go with natural fibers, such as cotton, over anything synthetic. House This appreciates this—our crib bedding is made of pure, soft cotton, and features unique designs inspired by our country's art, culture and natural heritage. Made of easy to care for, sustainable fabrics, House This crib bedding sets pamper your little one with just that right balance of playful looks and super luxury comfort.
3 Tips to choose crib bedding that is right for baby
1. Be sure it’s comfortable
A baby’s skin is super sensitive, so give importance to the fabric. Breathable, 100% cotton bedsheets and quilts make for a great choice. Also, check the fiber content of any baby bedding sets you buy to make sure it has nothing your precious one is allergic to. Bumpers in a crib help you keep baby safe.
2. Choose the right size
If you choose baby bedsheets that are too small, they’ll slip off corners and if they’re too large they will bunch up. So one of the most important things to remember is to get a set that fits properly.
3. Are they easy to clean?
Babies’ bedding is constantly being changed. Accidents are common and it’s a short journeys from “poops” to “oops”! Easy-to-clean crib bedding whether it’s bedsheets, quilts, bumpers, baby crib blankets or bolsters will make your life easier and help you keep stay sane!