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3 Tips to choose bedcovers that are just right for you
For an instant bedroom perk-up, try our designer bed covers and bed cover sets that feature unique designs inspired by our country's art, culture and natural heritage. Made of easy to care for, sustainable fabrics, House This designer bedding sets pamper you with just that right balance between ultra chic looks and super luxury comfort.
1. Check out the colour
What’s the colour of your bedroom? Is it a warm palette or is it a cool palette? Choose a bed cover set that complements the colours of your walls. If your walls are neutral you can probably go with almost any colour of bed cover sets.. If your colour palette is bright, then maybe a more soothing colour of bed cover set would fit the bill.
2. Be sure of the patterns
Busy patterns go better with solid colour accessories. If your bedside lamps are patterned, then simpler patterns or solid colour bed covers might work better. Mixing two patterns can be tricky as it might give a cluttered and congested feel instead of a soothing one.
3. Look at the material
In a country like ours, cool, crisp cotton bed covers are perhaps the best bet. Our designer bed covers are made of pure cotton, allowing for breathability and are skin-friendly. In addition, our bed covers, being made of a natural fibre, are best suited for sensitive skins.