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Lamps add that instant perk up in styling to any space whether it’s a living room, a bedroom, study or a cosy personalised home office. Even a bathroom! Buying a table lamp online or floor lamps? House This offers a variety of unusual lamps in select styles and materials, designed in colour combinations and textures and finishes that add elegance and panache. Our collection of home décor items features unique designs inspired by our country's art, culture and natural heritage.

4 Tips for Buying a Lamp

1. Choose Your Colour
Colour plays an important role in the selection of a table lamp online. Your room décor and the colour palette chosen will impact the colour of the table lamp you choose. House This offers a range of table lamps of different colours from warm shades to stark black and soothing neutral tints.

2. What’s the Material?
Lamps come in an array of materials and textures. What is it that makes you feel inspired? House This offers a range of beautifully crafted, electric light lamps made of natural materials from wood lamps and metal lamps partnered with assorted finishes that are designed to add beauty and elegance along with optimised functionality. We offer something for every space in your home.

3. Is the Size Right?
Are you looking for a floor lamp or a table lamp online? Is it a small lamp that will fit on to the table top by your bedside or are you looking for a statement lamp for your living room? The space available for the lamp is what decides the size of lamp you choose. Do remember that mid-sized and smaller lamps are more flexible and easily interchangeable compared to large-sized lamps.

4. Is the Height Convenient?
Lamps should ideally be at eye level when you are seated. Lamps meant for home offices should be convenient to move and small enough to be accommodated on a mid-sized table. Yet the light they provide should be enough for working at night or taking calls. Bedroom lamps need to be soothing and yet provide enough light for reading or sipping a cup of bed tea.

A sound lighting design tip: Try to keep all lamps in the same room at about the same height.