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What Kind of Pillow Covers Should I Buy?
Pillow covers are literally the thing you lay your head down upon before you enter the realm of sleep. They are therefore a critical part of your bedding and should be treated as such.
Not all pillow covers are designed with sleep and comfort in mind. When you buy pillow covers online, do keep in mind that House This pillow covers are made of soft, pure cotton that’s the best sleep aid possible.
5 Things to keep in mind when choosing pillow covers online
Choose pillow covers that are inducive to a good night’s sleep. We offer zzz-friendly pillow covers that are also stylish and aesthetic.
1. What’s the material?
Is it a 100% Cotton? Pure cotton is a great fabric that’s natural and super comfy throughout the year, irrespective of the season. One strong indicator that should impact your choice. All House This pillow covers are made of pure100% cotton.
2. Check the Finish
All House This pillow covers feature finishes are soft and soothing so that it’s easy to tip over into the land of slumber. That’s what we strongly recommend.
3. Designs on Your Sleep!
It all depends on what charms you and also on what prints you find soothing from a sleep perspective. Choose patterns that complement your choice of comforters and bedcovers. If you have plain bedding sets, you may want pillow covers that are patterned so that they add variety and depth.
4. What Colour do you Choose?
Choose those colours that you find more soothing and inducive to sleep. For example, if you find lighter colours more relaxing at sleep time, go for pillow covers that match your preferences—what sends you into a night’s well-deserved rest is what you should be going with.
5. The Easy-Peasy Styling Aid!
Pillow covers are an easy way to alter the appearance of your bed styling and refresh your bedroom! Keep switching between solids, geometrics, florals/naturals and theme based patterns and complemetary or contrast colours to effect an immediate change in how your bedroom looks. Stay experimentative and stay bold!