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Backyard Apron (Blue)
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Use this apron while cooking your best festive meals! Crafted in sturdy cotton to offer style, comfort and safety. Makes the best gift for that sibling or friend who loves to experiment in kitchen. Technique: Cotton Duck Thread Count: Dyed,...

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No meal is complete without bread. However, to serve bread, whether it’s a western style baked loaf or an Indian bread, what you need most is an elegant bread basket and a bread basket cloth. Little wonder that House This offers this critical dining accessory in a select set of exclusive designs. Bread baskets and bread basket cloths are both featured on House This—choose an elegant piece made of natural materials that will add style and panache to every single meal.

How do you select a bread basket?

There are a few factors that make bread baskets both utilitarian as well as pleasing to the eye. From the size, shape, colour, material and look, all these dictate how useful and aesthetic your table will look, with your bread basket occupying pride of place when you dine.

Here are a few points to keep in mind while shopping for bread baskets online:

1. Material
A bread basket is best made out of natural materials such as cane, grass or even wood and stone. It should showcase your bread and give it a wholesome appeal. Don’t forget that your basket will usually be encased in a bread basket cloth that should ideally match your table linen. Rustic artisanal bread baskets add a further layer of texture and depth.

2. Size
While choosing your bread basket, make sure that the breads you usually serve would fit in comfortably… from sourdough country style loaves to Indian parathas and rotis and nans, to dinner rolls and bread sticks. You may want to have two bread baskets, one at each end of the table to offer easy access.

3. Patterns and colours
Nothing can really beat well finished woven bread baskets made out of natural material and featuring the natural colours of the materials used. These are in synchrony with any kind of dining table décor and also any shade or print of table linen. Bread basket cloths come ususally in cotton as it is easy to clean and also soft and absorbent and ideal for contact with food.