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Your bathroom is a repository of your towel collection. Washing hands (de rigueur in today’s times) becomes a pleasure when you can wipe your hands with our luxurious hand towels in a range of colours. A bath is a right royal privilege when you can cocoon yourself post-shower in a House This bath towel set. Premium materials and finishes enable you to end your perfectly relaxing bath in a manner that enhances your bathing pleasure. Shopping for bath towels online will make House This with its premium range of hand towels, bath towel sets and premium bath towels, an obvious choice.
How do you select the right bath towels?
Towels made with pure cotton work very well for climates like ours. Terry bath towels are made with larger thread loops and woven with extra yarn. Also, look for towels made with banded edges to reduce fraying. House This bath towel sets and hand towels offer a luxurious experience.
3 Pointers on how to choose the right bath towels:
1. Note the Fibre Content!
100% cotton is by far the softest and most absorbent. It offers softness, absorbency and durability, too. The plush feel of a thick soft, pure cotton towel is sheer bliss.
2. What’s Your Size?
Large bath towels that envelope you in warmth and cosiness can feel really heavenly. Do keep in mind, however, that drying them and washing them is just as cumbersome too. Smaller sizes are perhaps easier to manage and maintain.
3. Colour Me
Bath towels add a warm, finishing accent to a bathroom, so when you are buying bath towels online, look for a colour that will add a pop of colour. Season is a great way to draw inspiration for choice of colour—cooler colours for the heat of summers and warmer bursts for cold winter days. Fluffy white bath towels are of course a universal classic choice.