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Frida-Costura Double Duvet Cover

Frida-Costura Double Duvet Cover

Frida-Costura Double Duvet Cover

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Allow your room to be filled with dramatic art inspired by Mexican artist Frida Kahlo. Follow the instructions on the bedsheet tag for washing and lasting care.

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  • Material:

    100% Cotton

  • Wash Care:

    Wash At 40% Normal Cycle, Wash Dark Colours Separately, Do Not Bleach

  • Shipping Time:

    Shipped in 2 working days

What makes it special!

If you are reading this note, it's time to be really happy. This bed sheet from House This will undoubtedly make your day better! Well, because you are soon to take home a piece of history created by Mexican artist Frida Kahlo.

A remarkable Frida Kahlo created brilliant art even while being immobilized due to a tragic accident that often left her alone in her room. Kahlo famously said, "I paint myself because I am so often alone and because I am the subject I know best?. Today, her self-portraits are known world over.
Frida led a life of zest while defying physical challenges. What holds you back from living as your colorful self?

This product is a part of the Expressions Collection from HouseThis. When you embrace your passion, you’re ready to express and share stories that are personal to you in a hundred different ways. In this collection, we uncover forgotten wonders and stunning inspirations from around the world and design them for you with a unique twist.

Your home is your personal canvas and the way you decorate it defines who you are as a person. House This believes that your homes are an extension of your personality and a canvas for you to express yourself. Our products are all about making you re-discover your childhood, a long- forgotten memory, or finding something new about yourselves. When you buy a House This product you do not take home a curtain, a cushion or a bed sheet but a piece of yourself expressed through art, a story or a moment that you have experienced.
We’re here to create a canvas for the beautiful world out there that we seem to have forgotten in the complexities of daily life. Each theme is vibrant and designed to stimulate your senses and take your imagination on a journey to discover forgotten wonders. We encourage you to take home not just a beautiful motif on a sheet but a small, unnoticed part of this wonderful world we live in.