Created for little dreamers and explorers, we offer a specially designed range of bedding and room accessories for both baby and junior. Each meant to pique their interest and inspire their imagination! Featuring playful patterns and colours that range from cute and cuddly to bold and adventurous!

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Furnishings that care for your little ones

Love them tender!Our special line for newborns and babies features the softest and most soothing fabrics, colours and patterns to suit the special needs of infants and toddlers. Our exclusive range of baby bedding such as bumpers, bolsters and quilts are ideal to build a nursery that protects and cocoons even as it inspires discovery and exploration. Happiness is a smiling kid!

Applaud your little whiz!Encourage the master chef hidden deep within your child. Get them a chef’s hat and an apron to match. Before long, your little one will be surprising you with goodies plated up for you with pride. Eat up! And while you’re at it, give them a bedroom that’ll match up!