House This: From a dream to an ongoing journey- Our Founder shares her story

They say many dreams are often born in that one serendipitous moment. As I look back on my journey of creating House This, I recognize there were several such providential moments.

 Perhaps it was that moment I decided to quit my fledgling yet promising corporate career and started my first venture. Or perhaps it was the moment that we cracked our first offline account and I realized with certainty that retail was where I was meant to be. Or maybe, were I to go back in time, the seed was sowed earlier than I recognized.

My parents started their journey in the hardest but the most fulfilling way- building a business from scratch, through sheer hard work and integrity. Their self-made journey and my shared experiences as they grew their venture, left an indelible impact on me.

As they built their business- manufacturing and exporting home furnishings the world over, I had the good fortune of accompanying them on store visits abroad, to identify trends and benchmark products. My eyes always brightened when I entered a store- A Pottery Barn, a Zara Home- truly the best of the best, gleaming with stunning products sourced from the world over. But on the other end of the spectrum, these visits also left me befuddled. As I would check the labels on many products housed in these stores, three words always stayed with me- MADE IN INDIA.

Made in India but for European or American living. Made in India but not for the Indian customer. In hindsight, I understand that much of this was an outcome of the stage of the economic evolution of our country, but my feverish young mind could not shed the thought. It left me with a dream in my heart and a fire in the belly.

Cut to 2012. India now was different- brimming, booming, and bursting with opportunity. And that’s when I decided to take the plunge- to create India’s first homegrown global home and lifestyle brand. For India and the world. 

What has followed is a decade of unending passion, incessant learning, and a whole lot of fun. Today House This is a leading digital-first brand in the home and lifestyle space. We offer a complete suite of textile, décor, and gifting products for the new-age millennial audience. But what is at the core of what we do? It’s the stories we uncover from across India and translate into a modern contemporary language in our products. When you buy a House This product, you take home not just a cushion or a bedsheet, but a small, unnoticed part of this beautiful country we live in.

And today, with the launch of our blog- ‘Unfold Stories’ we intend to share many of these stories with you. Stories of undiscovered cultures, communities and habitats across India. Stories of the modern Indian way of living. Stories that will guide, inspire but most importantly be conversation starters. We are here to co-create this space with you. Because nothing is possible without you- the customer in it. You are at the heart of all we do!

So join us in our journey to make India and the world, live better, live beautiful, one home at a time. And now with, Unfold Stories, one story at a time.