We want to make the world a more beautiful, thoughtful and inclusive place; to help the world live better, one home at a time. Our range of well-designed, functional and responsible home décor solutions allows our customers to redefine their living spaces. You are at the heart of all we create—beginning with empathetic design that understands your needs as well as your aspirations; that adapts and evolves with you; offers you elegant simplicity and beauty but never at the cost of functionality; and constantly strives to wow you!


A fallen parijat flower, the perfect ambi shape of a mango, the lacy canopy of a towering neem—our inspiration comes from the timeless India we grew up in. All of us have memories of warming our palms with an earthen kulhad filled with steaming masala chai; of devouring chaat, gol gappas or a fresh hot kachori doused in imli chutney, in a surprisingly sturdy pattal dona; of a final lick of the wooden bamboo sticks around which our kulfis came wrapped! Our designs start, above all, with our personal experiences and are translated by our master craftsmen and design magicians into beautiful objects that can transform your living spaces.


Every journey leads to discovery

Our core collection is renewed all year round and it includes textile and decor essentials needed for everyday living. Focused on fuss-free functionality artfully combined with aesthetics, it incorporates more neutral tones such as beiges, whites and is designed to blend with any setting.

Our seasonal collections, are inspired by untold stories of cultures, communities and habitats across India and aim to help you discover and unravel the never seen before stories of this beautiful country we live in.



Sustainable Living

Reimagined, reincarnated, reused

Sustainable living lies at the heart of our ethos and our every effort and initiative.

Our grandmothers adeptly reincarnated old sarees by needle working them into exquisite kantha quilts or godhadis and we have drawn inspiration from this!

The thought of #UsedToBe and Furoshiki, the ancient Japanese art of wrapping, motivated us to upcyle our unused linen to create beautiful gifting hampers and combat our plastic footprint. What used to be a bedsheet is now an upcycled gift wrap!

Even our gift tags are made out of seed paper, which can be planted so that some day, they bear fruit, give shade and spread joy!

Sabki Pathshala

Sabki Pathshala

Helping kids discover learning

House This has partnered with Sabki Pathshala, an innovative, after-school learning centre for underprivileged children based out of Delhi. Through the years, Sabki Pathshala, has successfully given over 80 kids an opportunity for self expression and honed their artistic talent. Currently, 35 kids study here and most are enrolled in local government schools.

House This invited these talented children to art events where they are encouraged to let their imagination roam free and create multiple artworks. These amazing artworks were then featured in a specially curated range of Sabki Pathsala cushions, taking care to preserve the creativity of the child’s original artwork. Proceeds from the sale of these cushions go to Sabki Pathshala, helping enhance their infrastructure.