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Kitchen accessories are the current rage in all kitchens. The increased interest in all culinary arts has made amateur home chefs look for stylish kitchen accessories such as aprons, potholders and oven gloves. Cooking for your friends and family becomes more fun when you look the part! Especially now that open kitchens are becoming quite common, home cooks are not just congratulated for the dishes they serve but also the pretty kitchens they keep! Don’t forget social media!
How do you choose kitchen aprons, potholders and kitchen gloves?
Let’s look at each of these items, one by one. Kitchen aprons are meant to protect your clothes from splattering of sauces, oil stains, grease and stains from spices such as turmeric. Potholders are meant to provide cushioning from extra hot serve ware that you have heated on a stove top. Kitchen gloves or oven mitts as they are called keep your hands from being scalded especially when you put things into a warm oven or take a baked or heated dish out of an oven or a heated dinner plate from a microwave. Protection for your hands from hot kitchen ware is what they offer. House This offers exclusive sets of kitchen aprons, potholders and kitchen gloves. Feel good using them to turn out chef style delicacies for your loved ones
Here are a few points to keep in mind while shopping for kitchen aprons, potholders and kitchen gloves:
1. Construction and detailing
Does your apron have a handy pocket? Are the kitchen apron ties sturdy enough for daily use? Are the kitchen gloves quilted adequately to provide protection for your hands? Is the finish and stitching of good quality? Do they lend themselves to regular washing? Are they easy to keep clean?
2. Size
While choosing your kitchen accessories size is a critical component to be considered. Does the kitchen apron cover enough of your clothing? Is it convenient to slip on and tie? Do the mitts fit well? Are the pot holders the right size for your pots?
3. Material
Cotton is a great option for kitchen accessories. It’s sturdy, durable and less likely to slip, as it offers a firm grip. Washing and maintenance is easy too. Well quilted kitchen gloves and potholders make the best choices as they are safer than loosely quilted items which could slip and result in spills.