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Kunbi Wall Art
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Add a bohemian touch to your living space with our Kani wall art. Made of 100% cotton which proves to be durable and easily washable. The wall decor feature deep fringes making it extra edgy. Our Shilp collection has been...

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A home is much more than just four walls is a proverb we oft encounter. However, the walls of any home are an empty canvas that need to be considered when creating a home. The most aesthetic homes feature wall art that is distinctive and unique and results in a personalised space. House This offers a select collection of wall art meant to add elegance and style to any living space. Our entire collection of wall paintings and home wall décor items features unique designs inspired by our country's art, culture and natural heritage.
How do you select wall art that’s perfect for your space?
While any kind of art is a matter of personal taste, the styling of your home plays an important part. Is your home modern or is it more traditional or perhaps it’s a mix and match of various looks that complement each other.
3 points to keep in mind while choosing Wall Art for your home
1. Colour
Colour is obviously and obvious factor when you buy wall paintings online. However wall art need not be confined to wall paintings but can also include any home wall decor items that add style and an aesthetic touch. A set of colours that match the colours of your room are essential. Bright and vibrant wall paintings can add that dash of colour that often brightens up a space visibly.
2. Style
This really depends on your personal preferences and taste. However, do keep in mind the kind of aesthetic that your home features before you buy wall paintings online or add home wall décor items.
3. Space
The kind of wall space available also plays a role in the selction of wall paintings or home wall décor items. Would you prefer a single large statement piece or would you rather have a small collection of complementary home décor items that form a design cluster.