About Us



“We are an Indian brand at heart, with our roots deep in our country’s traditions. We draw inspiration from all over the world but interpret it from our own uniquely Indian perspective to create contemporary home décor solutions for your home.”

Established in 2011, House This is a Delhi based design led brand offering coordinated décor & soft furnishing solutions. Modern design language paired with Indian aesthetics, House This aims to make every day décor functional and simple. From bed & bath to kitchen & lighting, the brand’s unique designs are reflective of carefully thought-out concepts inspired by discoveries of cultures, communities and habitats in and around the Indian archipelago.

We aim to to make India and the world live better, live beautiful one home at a time and take the modern Indian way of living to the rest of the world


From our heart to your hearth

We have committed to always being an original, thoughtful and reliable brand.


Originality is a having a point of view that’s unique. Our insistence on originality begins with the very basics: from the weaves, fabrics, prints, patterns, colours, cuts and construction. Our designers and artisans are inspired by their journeys to develop a new appreciation of the world and translate these experiences into meaningful products.


Thoughtfulness is a key part of the lifestyle that we are trying to resurrect and nurture. From trying to reduce our carbon footprint to recycling waste such as cloth scraps, and upcycling our unused linen into gift wraps as well as using plantable gift tags, we strive to bring mindfulness to commerce.


Reliability means consistently living up to what we promise. Uncompromising about product quality, maintaining fair pricing and keeping to our sustainability standards, we want our designs to ‘speak’ to you and help us in understanding your needs.


Every dream needs roots and wings

We began our design journey, in 1988, as an award-winning export house, Surya Exports, before we set up our domestic operations. With a sustained track record of high quality, exceptional design capability and a strong supply chain we believed the time was ripe to create a homegrown home and lifestyle brand from India, for India and the world.

It makes us proud that today we are one of India’s most vibrant, exciting, young homegrown brands in the home décor space.


House This, our name, is inspired by the traditional Indian home that many of us grew up in. This home with its open central courtyard, housed our earliest imaginings, nurtured our sense of belonging and connected us to earth, wind and sky. Our products are designed such that you can ‘take home’ this connect and house it. When you buy a House This product, you don’t take home just a bed sheet or a cushion cover, but a small unnoticed part of this beautiful country we live in.


Here’s celebrating all the milestones that have made us who we are!