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Cake stands are one of those chic and trendy serve ware items that are actually extremely versatile for serving desserts, food as well as in styling your home. House This features a set of exclusively designed cake stands that add a touch of elan and sophistication to your table. Our cake stands are made of natural materials that are earth-friendly and sustainable and designed to look outsstanding. Our entire collection of home décor items features unique designs inspired by our country's art, culture and natural heritage.
Choosing a cake stand
A cake stand should match the purpose you intend to use it for—ideally it should be versatile enough to suit a number of functions. Imagination and flair ought to be the only limiting factors in using a premium home décor item such as cake stand.
3 Factors you might want to keep in mind while buying a cake stand online
1. How large should it be?
A cake stand can make for a great central piece in a table setting. Or it can form a superb style element in a coffee table styling. And of course, it can be used for serving a fancy dessert as its name indicates! Too large a cake stand may make it unwieldy while a too small one could render it impractical for a dessert marvel at your dinner party.
2. What should be the height?
A statement cake stand is ideally imposing with a significant height and size. However, it all depends on the height and size your table can accommodate without looking awkward.
3. What should the design and material be?
Ideally, timeless designs and elegant natural materials make for the most classic cake stands. House This offers superbly dsigned cake stands that feature materials such as wood, marble and handcrafted metal embellishments for a unique touch of distinctive style.