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Chairs provide us with seating comfort and support. However, the the addition of a chair pad can make all the difference. When you buy chair pads online, do keep in mind that House This chair pads are made of soft, pure cotton that’s the best seating aid possible.

What Kind of Chair Pads Should I Buy?
Not only are chair pads functional, but they can add a dash of colour and style. They help a chair look great too, adding a nice touch of color and harmonising with your room décor.

5 Tips to keep in mind when choosing chair pads online

1. Measure the Size
Your chair pads should have the same shape and size as your chairs. Ensure you measure them accurately! If your chairs are of a customised size or shape then you may need customised chair pads too.

2. Check the thickness
What thickness should your chair pads be? Usually the norm is between 3 and 8 inches, with thicker models available for outdoor furniture.

3. Look at the Material
When buying chair pads online, check if the material is comfortable and durable? For our climate, pure cotton is the best option—one that provides seating comfort along with easy to care for qualities.

4. Do they have Ties?
Ties make all the difference! Else chair pads slip off easily each time you lean forward or back, in your chair! To stop your cushions from falling every time you stand up, look chair pads with ties! All House This chair pads come with ties, making them extremely functional.

5. Check out the Colours
Designs and patterns can also add a decorative element for a more cozy effect. For harmony, match the chair pad colour with that of your room or your tablecloth. Unicolour chair pads work well too.