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Cheese platters are a wonderful serve ware accessory that can add instant elegance and distinction to a platter of snacks, hor d’oeuvres or even post-prandial desserts. Cheese platters are versatile and can be used fearlessly to showcase assortments of whatever it is you wish to serve. House This offers a select range of exclusively designed cheese platters that will add a dash of style and pizzaz and make any hostess proud of her taste in serveware. Our collection of home décor items features unique designs inspired by our country's art, culture and natural heritage.
Choosing Cheese Platters that appeal to your style
The term Cheese platter is a misnomer because gone are the days when you served only cheese on a cheese platter. Today, we use them to serve an assortment of delicious finger foods and assembled tidbits that make a dinner party memorable. What you serve is important but how you serve is just as critical, if you want to make your mark as a host.
3 Essential Tips to choosing a Cheese Platter
1. The Size
How many guests do you ususally cater to? How many snacks are you planning to serve? How many cheese platters are you likely to use? All these questions will point you in the right cheese platter direction!
2. The Shape
Cheese platters come in almost all kinds of shapes. The classic round, the rectangular and the square are some of the timeless shapes that have endured unchalleneged over centuries. A shape needs to be ergonomic to allow you to serve as well as put down on a table top for your guests to access. It also needs to be able to pack in enough variety and numbers of bite-sized snacks to be able to feed your guests while looking eminenently droolworthy.
3. The Material
Natural materials are timeless, elegant and match almost any home styling and décor—all important factors when considering buying cheese platters online or even otherwise. Stone and wood are great classic choices that show off your carefully assembled goodies while adding a dash of luxury. The House This collection of cheese platters features distinctive designs that will make any serving special.