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What’s a table without coasters? The answer: a table marked with unsightly water rings and tea and coffee cup stains! As a rule, coasters are meant to keep your table looking the way it always should. Those coaster lovers who insist on using coasters to protect their table tops are clearly on to something! Buying coasters online is easy if you check out the House This collection. Specially crafted to offer design elegance and functional maximisation, our coasters sets whether they are regular coasters or tea coaster sets, offer an aesthetic touch of natural materials and impeccably worked finishes. Our collection of home décor items features unique designs inspired by our country's art, culture and natural heritage.
How do you choose Coasters?
When you buy coasters online, do choose coaster sets that offer enduring elegance and functionality. Your décor may keep shifting and changing but certain accessories such as a tea coaster set, a bar coaster set or a table coaster set should match your overall design ethos.
3 pointers to help you decide which coasters match your unique style
1. Size mattters!
It all depends on the size of the cups, mugs and glasses you intend to use your cosaters for. That’s what you should check out before deciding on a tea coaster set or a bar coaster set. Also the size of the tables you are planning to use the coasters on.
2. Shape is important!
Square, rectangular, circular or even an odd shape, coasters come in a plethora of shapes. What do you prefer? Odd shapes take more space and while statement making, they may be impractical in terms of functionality. More conventional shapes can be ergonomic while looking extremely aesthetic and elegant.
3. The material used impacts the look!
Natural materials such as stone, wood and marble are easy to match and mix with a variety of décor styles. Neutral colours and subtle shades add a soothing touch of sophistication without taking away from the room’s overall styling.