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Curtains are a critical component of home styling and can strongly and positively impact any room. However, there are a lot of factors to consider. From colour and fabric, to length and lining, all these need to be thought of when selecting the right curtains for any room. In addition, both window curtains and door curtains have to match the design ethos and the style statement that the room is trying to make. House This features an exclusive selection of carefully designed window curtains and door curtains online, chosen to enhance your living space and add an element of timeless elegance to your home.
Choosing Your Door Curtains and Window Curtains
What Kind of Door Curtains Should I Buy?
When buying door curtains online, you need to keep a few points in mind. Door curtains normally offer a layer of privacy to a room. When selecting a door curtain, consider whether you want to block off the adjoining room completely or it’s just a space separator you are looking for. Maybe you are looking at framing an entrance into a living space to add style.
How Should I choose Window Curtains?
Analysing why you need window curtains is a good place to start your styling journey. Is it more as a décor element, is it to keep a winter draught out or is it to screen a space against the sun? Could privacy be the main reason you are looking at window curtains? Your answers will decide the style of window curtain you need for that space.
5 Tips for choosing Window Curtains and Door Curtains online
Choose door curtains and window curtains that are conducive to creating a living space that’s private, well curtained against draughts or excessive sunlight and adds charm to your home. It’s easy to make choice with House This as our patterns and designs are timeless and classic, offering great versatility.
1. What’s the material?
Is it a 100% Cotton? Pure cotton is a great fabric that’s natural and super versatile across seasons—one strong indicator that should impact your choice. As an aside, all House This curtains are made of pure 100% cotton.
2. Check the Length
The width of both door and window curtains are of a standard width, so it’s really only the length of your window curtains or you door curtains that you need to look at. We recommend curtain lengths that are till floor level. Not only do they ensure uniformity and design harmony throughout your home, they also add a stylish, flowing feel. For extra fullness in a wide curtain area, you can add a few more widths of curtain.
3. Designs or plains
This really depends on the colour palette of your room. If you have a pale colour of wall, you may want a shade darker for your curtains. If the room receives less light, you wamy want window curtains that are light and provide access to sunlight, rather than blocking it.
4. What colour do you choose?
Choose those colours that you find more soothing and inducive to sleep. For example, if you find lighter colours more in tune with your living space, go for pastels and lighter tints. Your window curtains and door curtains could blend in with the decor or be a focal point for the living room. If you choose to have them play a more quiet role, go for curtains that are similar to your wall colour or the main accent color of your space.
5. Should they have lining?
Functionality is what decides if your window curtains or door curtains should have lining. Privacy, cold draughts, excessive sunshine in a room, etc., are factors to consider when making this decision. Linings do make maintenance more cumbersome. Layers of sheers and thicker curtains might work better in terms of washing and maintenance.