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Cushion covers whether they are sofa cushion covers of chair seat cushion covers are the accents that make styling such a pleasure. Treat your cushions as designing props that can change with your mood or with the demands of the season. House This offers a wide range of cushion covers from sofa cushion covers to chair seat cushion covers for your home. Made of a 100% pure cotton, in a wide variety of colours, prints, textures and styles, these cushion covers are a wonderful and easy way to keep refreshing your home décor style!
What Kind of Cushion Covers Should I Buy?
Cushion covers make delightful style accents that can easily be refreshed to create a new room look. Vesatile and easy to move around, you can switch cusion covers from one room to another depending what takes your fancy. Buying cushion covers online means you have access to the carefully curated collection featured on House This. Our entire collection of home décor items including cushion covers, features unique designs inspired by our country's art, culture and natural heritage.
4 Tips to buying cushion covers online
Choose cushion covers in sizes that fit the function you intend them for. In case you are looking at a back rest, you may want the narrower but longer back rest cushions. On the other hand if you want to create an aura of cosiness, you may go for plump cushions that add a dash of colour and pizzaz to your arm chairs and sofas.
1. Check the material
Pure, 100% cotton is a versatile fabric that’s natural and superbly comfortable all through the year, regardless of the season. Definitely a plus point to be considered while making a choice on cushion covers. House This offers pure cotton cushion covers—both sofa cushion covers and chair seat cushion covers
2. Check the Colour
House This cushion covers are available in a wide range of colours and patterns. From monochrome palettes to natural foliage inspired designs to seaside-based themes and classic geometric designs, we offer signature cushion covers featuring designs that are distinctive and unique. Colours can also vary according to the season.
3. To go plain or with designs
Your personal choice and preferences are what decide the style and patterns of sofa cushion covers and chair seat cushions covers that you choose. Select prints and textures that can match the décor and look across your home. A bohemian look, a more detailed print, textures that add depth and layers, these are all options when you choose to buy cushion covers online with House This.
4. A quick and easy styling prop!
Cushion covers are an easy way to refresh the appearance of your bed styling and refresh your bedroom! Or any living space or nook in your home. Switch between solids, geometrics, florals and naturals based patterns to creat an immediate impact and change in how your room looks. Keep experimenting!