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How do you choose a Duvet Cover that's right for you?
Duvet covers are a bedding essential. House This offers a range of premium duvet covers designed to help you style your bed with charm and elegance. Not only are these easy to care for but they also ensure your duvets stay protected.
What is a Duvet Cover?
A duvet is a bedding element that can be used in place of a top bed sheet or even as an extra layer that lies on top of the sheet. A duvet cover is removeable and typically protects the duvet much as a pillowcase protects pillow.
Do note that a duvet may also be called a comforter, although a comforter is a tad thinner and doesn’t usually come with a cover.
Why do Duvet Covers make such sense?
Duvet covers are very convenient as they can be laundered separately and much more frequently than a duvet itself—especially since duvets are expensive to clean. While a duvet cover is meant to protect the duvet, it also serves as a decorative bedding elelment and hence is important.
What Kind of Duvet Covers Should I Buy?
A duvet cover can easily be refreshed and replaced with another of a different pattern or colour or design, making it a great styling accessory.
Here are the 5 factors that you should consider when selecting duvet covers:
1. Size
What is the size of your duvet? It all depends on this as the duvet cover needs to fit the duvet in it snugly, without much room for movement. Duvets come in standard sizes and duvet covers are a bit larger to ensure the duvet fits in properly.
2. Material
House This offers 100% cotton duvet covers that are not only easy to wash and maintain but also ideal for countries like ours where temperatures tend towards warm for most of the year. Duvet covers made of natural fibres are also good for breathability and sweat absorption ensuring sleep comfort.
3. Construction
Duvet covers are usually made of two rectangular sheets of material, stitched together on all four sides. There is a slit to allow the duvet to be inserted inside the cover. Premium duvet covers include ties at each corner—this prevents the duvet from collecting and bunching up inside the duvet cover.
4. Appearance
Since duvet covers form one of the largest visual elements in a bedroom, they impact its appearnace considerable. Hence the design, colour and texture of the duvet covers you choose can have a great influence on the appearance of your bedroom. House This offers a large variety of duvet covers in a range of colours and designs influenced by styling essentials and trending elements that make our duvet covers distinctive.
5. Colour Palette
Solid coloured duvet covers work best if you just want to add a pop of color. Complex patterns on duvet covers such as florals, naturals or geometrics may be fine if you intend your duvet cover to be the focal point of your bedroom. Some duvet covers have closure features such as buttons or zippers and also feature styling embellishments such as embroidery, ribbons, buttons, pleats, ruching and flocking for greater effect.