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Rugs are an essential part of styling a space. They draw the eye and add focus to a room. Floor rugs can make a sofa seating look cohesive and well integrated. House This offers an exclusive selection of floor rugs and cotton floor mats that offer great utility and practicality but also enhance the aesthetics and style quotient of your home. Choose from a select range of different patterns and textures to add depth and dimension to your living space. Our patterns and weaves reinterpret traditional inspiration and styles to suit contemporary homes.
How do you select floor rugs that are right for your home?
Not all rugs work equally well when spread out on your room floor. Floor coverings need to be sturdy and durable, easy to maintain and soft to the feet as you walk on them. They also need to have visual appeal complement the space you are using them in.
Here are some points to look out for while shopping for floor mats or rugs online:
1. Is there a specific weight and thickness?
Rugs need to be solid and on the heavier side so that they not only add comfort to your feet as well as prevent the rug from slipping or skidding as you step on it. Solidity works to better advantage in a floor rug.
2. Which size should you look for?
While choosing your rug, the size is critical. Are you going to place your furniture on it or is it going to be a moveable rug that you fold up when you clean your floor? If furniture is going to hold the rug in place, you may want a larger size that your chairs or that armchair you have bought the rug for, fits on the rug. In case the rug is going to be in the centre of a sofa setting or at the side of a bed, you are likley to need a smaller size that not only will serve as visual focus for your seating but also not be encumbered by being so large that it’s edges rest against the furniture, giving an untidy look. In such a case, smaller rugs are a better choice.
3. What should the material be?
Nothing can really beat cotton when it comes to floor coverings. Cotton floor mats make for durable floor coverings while also being comfortable underfoot. The construction ranges from light to heavy and thick.
4. Patterns and designs
In India, we have a whole host of weaves and patterns that are ideal for floor rugs. From bright and vibrant shades to soothing, and subtle colours, House This offers a wide variety of floor coverings and specifically, cotton floor rugs in contemporary patterns and designs.