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Children who sleep better have better mental health and better memory. Sufficient sleep is needed for a healthier immune system and results in better school performance. One key element to improving your child’s quality of sleep is the quality of bedding. House This offers pure cotton, breathable and soft, comfortable kids bedding sets that will help your child sleep well. When looking at buying baby bedding sets online, do check out our range of themed bedding that uses storytelling to fuel your child’s imagination and sense of wonder.
How do you select kids bedding?
Choosing your kids’ bedding is probably the most important element that will impact the look and comfort of your child’s room. House This offers an exclusive range of especially designed themed kids bedding sets that will introduce your child to aeroplanes, wildlife and sports, and set imaginations a buzz.
3 Pointers to help you choose kids bedding
1. Style Preference
Do take into account your child’s colour preference—If your little boy loves yellow, try and get a quilt that is predominantly yellow. If your little girl loves blue, choose a bedding pattern that has her favourite blues. You could also mix and match prints with solid colours to add texture and contrast to your child’s bedding styling.
2. Themes and Patterns
A child’s bedroom has to fuel his sense of wonder. Our fabulous curated set of themes from aeroplanes to sports to wildlife help your child discover the world around him and enjoy their time in their room.
3. Look at the material
You need kids bedding sets that can withstand messy accidents and also have a relaxing, soothing feel. A comfortable, breathable baby bed sheet and baby cushion will send them into slumberland quickly. Made of easy to care for, sustainable fabrics, House This kids bedding sets pamper your child with just that right balance between trendy looks and super luxury comfort.