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Placemats or dining table mats, are a very convenient item of table linen that keeps your dining table not only looking elegant and classic but also protects it from scratches and tabeltop disasters such hot tea spills, hot serveware stains and other such calamities. House This offers a wide range of placemats and dining table mats in designs that will make each meal a pleasure. Shopping for placemats online is quite easy when you look at our exclusively curated range.
How do you choose the right placemats?
Placemats are back in style much like fine dining and heirloom china. It’s probably because placemats add elegance and style to our meals and remind us that beauty ought to have a place in our busy lives.
Tablecloths and placemats make for an intimate and more elegant table setting. Tablecloths and placemats can be used together to add more layers to the styling.
Here are 4 pointers you may want to keep in mind while shopping for placemats online in India:
1. What is the kind of material you should look at?
Placemats keep your wooden or glass table safe by protecting it from heat marks, scratches, and spills. They are essential to keep your tabletop shining and scratch-free.
Cotton placemats keep glass tables from developing white heat marks, scratches and also don’t slip or slide when placed under a plate, pot, or dish. Cotton placemats are an excellent choice in terms of texture, durability, convenience and feel.
2. Does the size of placemats matter?
Ideally, the dimensions of your placemats should be long and wide enough to hold a plate, fork, spoon, a bowl and a glass, at least.
Large rectangular placemats that can hold an entire place setting for one, are the most accepted size.
3. What shape should you choose?
If you have a round dining table, then a square or rectangular placemat won't do. The hsape of your placemats needs to match the shape of your tabel.
4. Which colours and patterns should you look for?
This depends on the colour of your room and the personal style you are most comfortable with. Seasonal choices of bright hues in winter and cool shades in summer can also be followed. But place mats can be chosen in different hues simply for creating a change each time. That’s the real benefit of using placemats.