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Table runners and place mats are great ways of creating interesting and unusual table settings that vary with the season and your mood. House This offers a select collection of table runners and matching place mats in colours, materials and textures that can make for an arresting looking table styling. Out table linen, including our table runners and placemats, is designed to offer quality construction, convenience of maintenance and visual appeal.
How do you select table runners for your dining table?
Setting a table is an art and styling it according to season and mood finds a critical ally in the form of a table runner and place mats set. Moreover, this is a cost-effective way to keep changing the table look and décor. The table setting for each meal can be a sea change from the previous one!
There are some things to keep in mind while choosing a table runner that will help you transform your dining table’s look completely.
1. Table runners come in a broad range of materials, sizes, and colors.
It makes sense to choose one that fits in well with your décor, colour scheme and room ambience. Look for vibrant colours that show to advantage against your table surface and for materials that add texture and depth.
Cotton table runners offer timeless elegance and a classic style that go with every season and every mood. Further, this fabric can withstand the daily grind and needs minimal maintenance.
2. What size of table runner should you look for?
Size depends on whether you want to match the runner to your table cover. Do keep in mind that table runners and place mats can be used with or without a table cover. If you want to use a table cover then it is best to have a matching table runner that hangs over the table edge till just before the table cloth ends.
If you are using a table runner directly on your table even a shorter runner that extends till the table edge can work well.
The simple rule of thumb is to use a table runner that is one-thrid the width of the table.
3. What colours and patterns of table runners should you look for?
Sprucing up your home is made easy with table runners. Choose vibrant shades if you have dark wood tables that will offset the plain brilliance of solid shades. Your room colours also matter in your choice of a table runner. Quieter and cooler shades are more suitable in summer months when outside temperatures soar beyond bearing. Different textures and weaves in your choice of table runners and placemats add depth and dimension to your table setting. Do keep your personal style in mind when choosing the colours and patterns of your table runner as your table is really an extension and expression of your personality.