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House This offers table linen and table covers that are made of 100% cotton, feel luxurious and soft to the touch in various sizes and patterns that make them a very good buy when looking for table covers and table cloths online. Shopping for a cotton table cover or looking for a table cloth online is now made easy peasy with the House This collection of exclusive table covers in a variety of contemporary patterns and colours.
How do you select the right table covers?
Table covers need to be soft, easy to wash and durable. The feel of them as you rest you hand on the table should lend itself to comfort. So how do you choose the table cover that’s right for your home?
Here are a few pointers that should make it easier to choose a table cloth that will make each meal a pleasant experience.
1. What material should my table cover be made from?
A cotton table cover is just right for a hot and dusty country such as ours.
Further, cotton is a strong and absorbent material and hence a cotton table cover is easy to care for. While a cotton table cover will need ironing, it is long lasting and has a luxurious look and feel that only table covers made from natural fibres possess.
2. What else should I look for in a table cover?
Fine table linens including table covers usually feature a combination of good quality natural materials, expert construction and attention to fine detailing. Good quality finish and sturdy material is needed in a piece of linen that usually sees constant washing.
3. What’s the right size of table cover?
Look for the right size: it should hang by at least 6-6 inches below the table surface. This is ideal for daily use. For formal settings, tablecloths that hang down 10 to 12 inches around the table work well. A more elaborate occasion may demand a drop of anywhere from 15 to 30 inches which means all the way to the floor! Do keep in mind that the longer the drop, the more dramatic the look.

4. What kind of design should I buy?
Designs and patterns do change according to the season and it’s a good cue to follow. Summers need shades and patterns that are more soothing and easy on the eye while winters need brighter shades that bring warmth to a table.
Don’t forget that your serve ware, your fine china and your room ambience and decor is equally significant while choosing a table cloth online.