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A throw is an easy and artistic accent that can add a significant dash of style to your home! It’s simple to refresh and move around so changing looks becomes a matter of minutes. You can afford to be adventurous with throws.
How do you choose throws that work best with your home style?
Don’t be timid or adventure-shy when it comes to buying throws online. Throws can add layers, and depth to any space. Try to choose a neutral or color-blocked throw for more versatility. If you prefer patterned throws, opt for a consistent element such as a geometric pattern or lines. Different textures of blanket or fabric work very well especially if your colour palette is minimalist and pale.
4 Basics for Choosing a Throw
1. Creating Layers
Treat each element of your room beginning with furniture, rugs and furnishing as a layer. The throw is your ultimate layer and adds visual interest as the top layer. Do keep in mind that your throw needs to work with other elements such as the rug, the curtains and cushion covers.
2. Achieving Balance
A room has to keep the same visual harmony throught a space. Bold colours on one side and neutrals on the other may result in visual dissonance. Throws and moveable elements can help restore aesthetic balance. Move and shuffle neutrals to the colourful side and vice versa to keep a sense of similarity and unite the space.
3. Size does matter!
Function plays an important role in deciding size. Are you going to use the throw as a snuggle while watching your favourite serial? Then, you might want a larger size throw. Using the throw as an accent in your living room? Or as a pop of colour over an armchair? You might then choose a more streamlined size.