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The serving tray is an extremely versatile home accessory. While you can use it to serve snacks and drinks or meals in a tray, it’s also a great decorating element that can be used to hold styling elements such as books, candles, tealights and lamps. Put to work with a little imagination, a wooden serving tray or a handcrafted Indian serving tray can add style to a coffee table, a console or a cosy nook. House This offers an exclusive selection of beautifully designed trays made from a variety of natural materials. Use them to add a unique personalised touch to your home décor.
Choosing the right serving tray
What kind of tray should I buy?
The answer to this depends on what you wish to use the tray for. The tips below will give you an idea of what to look for in a tray online.
1. Mind the Function
The use you are going to put the tray to decides many things such as the construction and material and possibly even the look. If it’s for serving you may want a tray with an edge so glasses and plates don’t slip off as they are being transported. In case you are using it as styling prop then your wooden serving tray had better look good. Your woven grass tray will need to complement your room colours. A brightly painted wooden serving tray also works to add that pop of colour.
2. Match the colour
Is you room a neutral palette? Then a bright pop of colour might add a focal point. Is your room bright and vibrant? You may want a neutral colour tray of wood or woven grass or bamboo to add a quiet touch. Creating a coffee table styling? A glitzy metal tray might work well. Don’t forget that serving trays made from natural material such as woven grass, wood and bamboo add an artisanal touch and go with almost all kinds of home décor.
3. Materials that suit your style
The material of a serving tray is important. Whether you use it to serve breakfast in bed or a luxurious indulgence of bed tea, you should choose a material that floats your boat. A tray construction that you personally enjoy using, looking at and touching. Wooden serving trays, handwoven trays and skilfully designed trays never really go out of style.